Monday, January 19, 2015

Children's comments about the tree

Penny: I really miss the tree cause it was my favourite shade. I liked climbing on it and having my lunch under it. I think we should grow another one tomorrow and it should be big enough after tomorrow. Denan: The tree's gone. It got cut down . I didn't climb it cause I just didn't. Isla: The tree's cut down because it was sick. I saw it when I came in. I liked to climb. I liked swinging on that tree. I could build a shade house. Eli: The tree, it got cut down cause it was going to fall down because it had a disease. I liked climbing it cause its fun. We should build around it with wood and put a wood roof on it and leave a little opening so you could get out. Noah: The climbing tree's gone. It's been takes away because it was sad. We can grow another one. You have to buy some seeds. We plant them and dig a hole and put it in it. If you wait and wait and wait a little tree will grow until its bigger then we can clim on it. Hans: The tree, its gone cause it was sick. It got chopped up chop. chop. chop. We should get a new tree. Alex: The tree's cut down cause it was getting so sick. I liked climbing the tree cause I liked it up. Let's grow another tree with oranges on it. Mitch: The tree's got cut down cause maybe it got broken and stuff. I liked the leaves and stuff. We might grow another tree. You just put a little thing on it and it will grow. William: I saw the tree was cut off. My Nana said that. It's just cut down now. I liked the tree when it was normal. I liked to climb it. Michaela: The tree was down. It was gone. It was SO sick. I was being there a long time. I liked to climb up it cause then I could get my picture taken up there. We should grow another one. Izabella: Someone cut the tree down. It was sick. The tree was strong. I liked climbing it cause it was so nice. We should do a new tree. Railis: It fell down. Maybe its cut off. I liked to play with it. I watched the people climb up the tree, up the ladder. Travis: The tree, it was cut down cause there were bugs in it that were making it sick. I liked to play on it. I climbed higher and higher, up to the top. You should find another one that is different but looks the same. Dylan: The tree. It died. It was sick. The playground was a little bit interesting. I liked climbing it. I wasn't scared. I went up the tree and down the tree.I climbed on that rope thing. You will have no shade. Payton: The tree, its gone because it was sick. I liked climbing. It was Te Ngakau's favourite too. Shall we dream about it? Ella: It died because it had a disease in it. My Mum told me. You need to grow another tree. Not an apple or watermelon tree, just a tree with no fruit on it. Mikayla: The tree was chopped down cause it died. I liked walking over that tree. I did big steps. We might need to put an umbrella over it. Emily: The tree's missing. I don't know where it has gone. I climbed on it. I climbed up the ladder.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Now you see it, now you don't

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we had to have our Elm tree removed as it had succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. This magnificent tree has given us so much shade and so much climbing pleasure over the years. BDK will not be the same without it.