Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caring for Franklin

Stretchy Lycra

The afternoon children enjoying one of their favourite activities ... stretchy lycra

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leading our mihi

Anna, we were very impressed when you offered to lead our mihi. What a great leader you were as you said ...

Tena koutou katoa
Ko Anna toku ingoa
Ko Botany Downs Kindergarten taku kura
No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Ka pai Anna

The picnicers

In the past week the picnicers have hit town. Each day they pack up their picnic and head off to a chosen spot for a little social interaction.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nathan's motorbike

Two Olivias, four poi

Ben's dance moves

Ben was SO that he had his sister's Dance Connection at kindergarten. In a flash he was showing the children just how it works. It's great being the holder of the knowledge, isn't it Ben.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aimee's story

Aimee wrote and narrated this story.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our visit to Ambury Park Farm, Mangere

Connor: I liked feeding the lambs.
Olivia W: I liked seeing the lambs because that's the thing that I recognised would be like that. He kept pulling on it.
Olivis B: I liked being shown the little piggies. They were so cute. I liked the big horsey too.
Chloe: I liked seeing the chickens. I was brave enough to let them feed from my cup (hands). They tickle your hands off. I liked feeding the baby goat too.
Arthur: I liked the sheep. I touched them.
Anish: I liked the rabbits because they were hot.
Charlotte K: I liked the horse and feeding the baby lambs. It was so much fun.
Miriama: I liked the turkey cause it looked nice.
Nathan: I liked seeing the pigs and patting the pigs and seeing the cows. We was milking them. When we get the milk ready we put the machine under there (demonstrates) and then it goes right around and in the bottle.
Cohen: I liked the chicken cause you feed them.
Kaide: I liked the sheeps. I liked the farm. I liked the horsey and wanted to pat the horsey.
Zoha: I liked the pig and the horse.
Charlotte P: I liked feeding the goats. It was really fun going to the farm.
Rachel: I liked the big pig and the little pigs. cause the big one was so fat - big and fat. I liked the big cows cause they were huge. The lady was getting all the milk out of them - squeezing.
Tiare: I just liked the goats.
Kendyl: I liked the chickens. The white one was funny. I liked the goats. They were gorgeous and cute. I liked the baby pigs too.
Kyla: I liked the cows cause I liked them.
Kaylee: I liked the horse cause I like horses. I liked the piglet cause I like babies.
Jack: I liked the lambs cause they are so cute. I liked the baby pigs cause they are so cute as well.
Dylan: I liked seeing the pigs because I liked the baby ones. I liked the horse and I liked the goats and I liked feeding the goat and the baby goats as well.
Matthew: I liked the sheep cause I liked feeding them.
Olivia K: I liked feeding the chickens because they tickle because they go like that (taps finger in palm of her hand).
Emma: I liked the horsey because it was a new horsey. I liked the chickens. I can do the chicken dance too.
Tyler: I liked feeding the sheep cause I liked feeding them. I liked the cows. I liked the lady milking them cause I never saw a lady milking cows before.
Hiro: I liked feeding the lambs cause they drink fast.
Yoonseo: I liked the pig because it was so cute.
Aimee: I liked the cows because they were so cool. They made milk for the babies.
Micah: I liked feeding the chickens and I liked feeding the lambs.
Jaedyn: I liked feeding the goat cause it licked out of my hand. I liked that part. It was a bit like a vacuum cleaner.
Reagan: I liked the pigs cause I liked to feed them. There was little pigs and a big pig.
Emily Ha: I liked the cows. I liked to feed the sheep cause they are so fluffy.