Tuesday, July 29, 2008

old versus the new

Kindergarten teaching is full of delights and never more so than on the day that Jemma engaged our reliever, Margaret in conversation. For a few Wednesdays last term all three of the regular teachers were on teacher release to discuss and write up the research. Each time our regular relievers would be on hand to hold the fort. Jemma said, ʻall the old teachers are here today and the young teachers are in the room". On being told the story I was quite elated to be categorised with the young teachers. But then Margaret burst my bubble! She said "Then Jemma thought about it and added, "no, two are young and one is old!" A short lived moment of glory!

Bronwynʻs new puppy

Guess what ... Bronwyn has a new puppy. He is a Labradoodle and his name is Zac.
Do you think he is cute?

Archieʻs Puppies

Archie, thank you for bringing in your puppies today. They are SO beautiful.
They are six week old golden retriever puppies ... and so soft. They are getting ready to go to their new homes. We know that you have six puppies. What a busy household that must be and what a lucky boy you are to have such an awesome experience.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Movie Night

Our annual movie night is an opportunity for us all to come to kindergarten in our pyjamas. Sausages, popcorn, drink and great company ... what more can you ask. Thanks, as always, must go to all our helpers on the night.