Friday, August 29, 2008

Acknowledging Daffodil Day

Today we celebrated Daffodil Day. When we arrived at Kindergarten there was a display at the playdough table symbolising a bunch of Daffodils, a gorgeous poem on the big screen about why Daffodil day is important and an some art activities, including painting Daffodils and activity sheets from the Cancer Society. A number of us really enjoyed painting daffodils and we created some very beautiful pictures. We had a wonderful time acknowledging the importance of supporting such a worthy cause.

Written on behalf of the children

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Excitement

Throughout the olympics, the children have been very sports orientated. We had our very own olympics over at the school and have created many different opportunities for the children to experience some of the olympic sports. The children have also been creating some of these experiences all on their own.

Lara and Yu Xi decided to have a bit of a bike race. They went round and round as fast as their legs could pedal. It's really lovely to see the competitive sides of the children come out. They get so focussed on the task at hand and give it their best. Lara and Yu Xi, it was so great to see you having such a great time with the bikes and each other.
Love Kerry

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Disco Fever

On Friday 15 August we had our Kindergarten disco. It was a terrible rainy night but many of our children and their families braved the weather and boogied the night away. We did the Limbo, the Macerena, chicken dance and danced to favourite songs like Bob the Builder. It was a really fun night. Plenty of the parents danced too which was so exciting to see! Thank you to our committee for putting everything together, everyone who helped on the day, and to everyone who came along and made our disco a great success.