Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dr Hayley came to visit

We are so grateful to Karen friend Dr Hayley for coming to talk to the children. She talked about her day a a doctor, then she showed the children her 'tools of the trade'. Thanks so much Dr Hayley. Your talk compliments all the medical play that has been happening this term.

Two boys, one scooter

Monday, June 13, 2011

A visit from the Queen

When asked what the Queen does the children replied:
Jessie: She takes her dogs to do something. She might feed her dogs. She might go to a ball. She gets the clothes she wants to wear. She might tell her son something - Prince William. He got married to princess catherine. My cousin's called Catherine but she's not a princess.
Mikaia: She lives in a castle. She sits in her chair, a throne. She might walk her dog.
Daniel: She lives in Scotland. She goes to people's kindys.
Madison: She takes care of her dogs. She washes her dishes. I wonder what kind of blanket she has? I think that she has beautiful stickers on her wall. I think she has beautiful sheets on her bed.
Emily H: She sits down on the couch and watches telly. She could watch it rain out the window..
Lara: She marries a Prince and feeds her dogs.
Poppy: She gets flowers and a crown and a dress.

Trixie the Fairy comes to visit

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hamish and the guide dog

We are so lucky that we get to meet guide dogs. Your Mum works at the guide dog training centre ... so we are lucky to get to meet some of the dogs that are in training. What a fabulous job these dogs do to give people with visual impairments more independence and freedom.

Ryan, thank you for sharing your kittens