Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glad to have you back Emily

We just couldn't resistdoing sushi again. We know that Emily LOVES sushi! Thanks for being in charge of the chicken Emily. Fancy, a day of sushi and ballet. What more could you ask? A helicopter perhaps ....

Monday, May 30, 2011

A morning of sushi making

There has been much anticipation around our sushi making. We were all a bit gutted that Emily (one of the main reasons we were making sushi) was away sick today. We had to promise her that we would make sushi again. None of us had ever made sushi before ... but in the true spiirit of Botany Downs Kindergarten we were prepared to give it a go. Short of the rice being a bit moist it wasn't a bad effort. There were certainly children back for seconds and thirds. That's not a bad sign, is it?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanks Jessie, Benjamin and Mike

The interest in ice skating was inspired by Jessie and Benjamin's stories about their skating lessons. They have shown us how to fall, how to be penguins, how to be kiwis and how to do jumps ... so we just had to check out this ice skating for ourselves. What a great day we had. Thank you.

A morning of ice skating

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tyreece shares one of his puppies

We always love it when Tyreece's dog has puppies because we get to see them. Chocolate labradors are SO gorgeous. There are six puppies - four boys and three girls. Jaden would just LOVE to have a puppy. Thanks for sharing your puppies Tyreece.

It takes concentration to dock a boat

We're off

Story time with Holly

The concentration of stick games

The puppet shows continue

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our new teacher

As we start the process of appointing a teacher to replace Kerry we talked to the children about what their new teacher might be like. What attributes would they like? We asked whether the new teacher should be short or tall. The vote was resoundingly for tall. The vote for hair colour went to teachers with brown hair. We asked whether they would like another young teacher like Bronwyn or Helen or would they like an older teacher? They definitely like a younger teacher. Jessie thoought about it for a while then ventured to add ... "well, perhaps a bit younger than Bronwyn and Helen" Then we asked if they would like a boy teacher or a girl teacher. The girls wanted a girl teacher and the boys wanted a boy teacher. Asked what they would like the teacher to be good at. "Stories" was the most popular reply. Maybe next week we will know what our new teacher looks like.

Thank for your help

Over the term break the padlock on our Guinea Pig Grotto seized. No amount of spray oil or force would shift it ... so Brown Watch at Howick Fire Station came to our rescue with their bulk cutters. Thank you.