Saturday, July 31, 2010

Engaging in functional tasks / Raffle results

With the drawing of our raffle fast approaching it was time to fold the raffle butts. Supreet, Olivia and Olivia were only too happy to lend a helping hand.

The raffle winners were ...
1st prize ticket 321 B Byrne
2nd prize ticket 24 A Whiting
3rd prize ticket 188 N Argent
4th prize ticket 518 S Jacobs

Thank you to everyone for their support in this fundraiser

Oh, they smell good!

The smell of pancakes cooking on a cold day is just divine. It is really hard to wait until they are cooked to turn them!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good friends scoot together

Cohen and Nathan have discovered that they have so much in common and that has formed the foundation for this new friendship. On this occasion they decided that riding the scooter together was the way to go.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carolyn visits us all the way from Canada

On Wednesday we were excited to have a visit from a teacher from Alberta in Canada. She told us about Canada ... how it was summer there now, how their national animal is the moose and how Canadians LOVE ice hockey. How lucky we are to have our visitors share with us.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

To buy a Wii

With the sales of their Waiata DVD soaring and the success of the Worm Wee shop it was time to count the proceeds and decide how the money should be spent. After discussion the children decided that they would like to purchase a Wii. The next task was to search advertising material and the internet to get the best bargain. After much work it was decided that The Warehouse had Wii on special this week and they were the cheapest. We talked about where in the Warehouse we might find a Wii. Then ... with a mini bus from Manukau City Council it time for a small group of children to act as personal shoppers for Botany Downs Kindergarten. With Helen at the wheel and two parents to help the children took their cash to make their purchase. In no time at all they were back and the Wii was in action. I wonder what the next project might be ...

The worm wee shop

A product of our worm farm is worm wee ... and with the interest in selling real things in a shop still of great interest the children organised the worm wee into bottles, created signage, prepared the shop and set about the sales business. One of the most exciting parts is counting the money at the end of the day.

The first one to sit down is the leader

Once again the children are inventing their own games. When I asked what was happening here Jemma said, "The first one to sit down is the leader and they get to say 'stop'.

Cooper turns 1

Cooper turns one with an Elmo cake

Painted toast: A great activity for the term break

All you need is ... a slice of bread, a little bit of milk with food colouring in it, a small paint brush and a toaster. YUM!

Tyreece brings his rabbit to visit

The hole

There has been significant interest in digging holes in the sandpit. If you dig deep enough you find tree roots or even the bottom of the sandpit. We have a book about a pig called Pog. He digs a hole in the sand and he likes it that much he wanted to take it home. He tried and tried to pick it up. Finally he left saying 'that hole is just too heavy to take home.'

Soccer is the game of the day

With the Soccer World Cup in full swing the children have shown a keen interest in soccer. We have been amazed by the way they organise themselves into teams and establish rules.