Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disco 2010

What a night! THANKS to everyone who made the night a success.

A Wacky Wednesday Party for Franklin's 5th birthday

There was much anticipation of Franklin's 5th birthday. The big question was ... would he go to school? Well, why wouldn't he, he's 5. By popular demand it as decided to have a Wacky Wednesday birthday party for Franklin ... and was it Wacky! Of course, the most popular part was the tree in the toilet followed a close second by the shoe on the wall! The fence and gate were blanked off so the children could not see in as they arrived ... or they might have seen that the kindergarten had been turned inside out. The water and carpentry were inside. The children could see themselves on the TV showing them walking in to kindergarten upside down. The dough was on top of the climbing frame, there was a bike for a swing .... and so many other things. AND what wacky children we had that day - clothes inside out and back to front. Whatever Next!
There were so many presents and cards made for Franklin that you could hardly see his tank. Just as well he had to come out to get his birthday hat and have everyone sing him happy birthday. What a great day! But ... will Franklin really go to school ......

Franklin is 5. Franklin goes to school

Yesterday Franklin turned 5 ... so today it was off to school. Miss Cotman welcomed Franklin and showed him the timetable for the day. There was time for reading and there was time to say hello to Oliver and Natasha. What a great day Franklin had in room 9.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Visit of the lambs

We love it when ex families of Botany Downs Kindergarten come in to visit us. On Friday the Cooper family arrived with four of the most beautiful lambs for the children to pet. They were quite a hit with the children. I wonder if we will see lambs when we visit the farm on Monday ....
They shared a notice about the Ararimu Calf Club Day ... inviting the families at Botany Downs Kindergarten to come along ...
Saturday 25th September

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's all go with Cars Race o Rama on the Wii

There was much anticipation this morning as this game was set up. The children made their own numbered list for children to put their name on for a turn. Of course, Liam had to start the day (since he donated the game). It wasn't long before each child was negotiating their way round the race track. In this picture Jack is coming to grips with the navigation around the track and Micah is offering some guidance. It takes a lot of skill and dexterity to get the cars around the track.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Technology excitement

Even though Liam was not leaving until next week, he decided that he would like to give us his leaving present early so he could have a turn with it before he leaves. It seems that we are now the proud owners of a "Cars" racing game for the Wii. We can't wait to play it on Monday. Thanks Liam.

We have discovered ooVoo

ooVoo is a free download that allows our children to send a video message via the email. In this ooVoo Aimee is telling her mother what she has made at kindergarten.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Now where did that go?

Spring for a day

We welcomed the fine weather ... what a pity it only lasted one day!

Wow Sean, thank for reading for us

Each week we skype with our buddy class at Botany Downs School. We were blown away this week when Sean shared his story with us. Sean has only been at school a couple of weeks. Sean, we were so proud of you. We love how we can maintain these connections.