Monday, June 4, 2012

The Queen by Maia

A moment of dance

Feeding the guinea pigs

Our guinea pig family

Our new blended guinea pig family appears to be living in harmony. We have our original guinea pig - Badger. The white guinea pig is called Rex and the multicoloured baby is called Pudding.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The tyre ... "We need more friends"

Thanks to Charlie's Dad we now have a tractor tyre for the playground. The children couldn't believe their eyes! They decided that they would like to shift the tyre. What an ambitious project!!! Intially the project started with just a couple of children ... but when they discovered that they couldn't budge it they called out, "we need more friends" and they went off in search of more friends. This process was repeated over and over again ... and still the tyre didn't budge. They worked out that they all had to exert energy at the same time, but the concept of direction eluded them. We will leave them to work through that theory. The arriveal of Levi's Grandad helped to lift the tyre ... and a group exclamation of "Wow". They children were impressed!