Monday, May 26, 2008

The ʻopeningʻ of the mimio

Well, today was finally the day the Mimio was unveiled. The teachers had stayed quite late on friday night as they were so busy playing! But they built some great resources ... but today was the childrenʻs turn o experiment. Jorja is using Kid Pix to draw and print her own creation. We were able to purchase this thanks to money raised at the Allyson Gofton night.

The bike raffle winner

Wow, how cool! Molly arrived at the bike-a-thon on a trike and left on this fabulous bike. Congratulations!

The Bike-a-thon

The weather was perfect, the company was even better, so it was no wonder we had a fantastic day! This is the first time we have had our bike-a-thon on a Sunday but it was greta. A special THANKS to all our helpers, you certainly did a great job. We also have to say thanks to Bob or Mr J as he is affectionately known in his role as school caretaker at Botany Downs School. It was so good of him to give up his Sunday to help us set up and pack up. We really appreciate the support of Botany Downs School.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A massive scrunchie

Recently the teachers (and relievers) went to a music course with ʻKids Music Companyʻ and as usual with their courses we were hugely inspired. One inspiration was the use of this massive scrunchie. We have so many ideas for itʻs use ... it is so cool.

Thanks Clive

Clive, how did you know that teachers really like fudge? I have to tell you that we enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

Reclaiming the dance studio

One of the best things about completing the alteration is being able to reclaim our dance studio. You can see it stacked to the ceiling with all our goodies in a previous blog. The children enjoyed the extension of the stage with a runway. We look forward to more performances captured on our CCTV.

Is the end in sight?

Thatʻs the question we have been asking ourselves. We are two and a half weeks into term 3 and still sorting out the last of the mess that building brings. Last week it felt like there was no end in sight, but with some extremely long days most of the ʻbitsʻ have found a final resting place. We just have to build a shed now to house all the things that have been rammed into every spare space in the shed. The new office space and storeroom look good, donʻt they?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A dream come true!

Caelan your dream came true today when you were able to explore with the Garage band programme on one of our Apple computers. Garage band is an exciting programme that allows you too choose and create your own music and songs which you can then produce and save to CD. I was very impressed with how quickly you became familiar with features of the programme and you seemed to develop an in depth understanding of how the music layers form the sounds and music you would like. You were so proud when you shared your song with your friends at mat time too. Well done Caelan, with your strong interest in music I'm sure that this will be one of your favourite activities at kindergarten from now on.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The alterations continue

Well, kindergarten opens again tomorrow and we are sort of under control. Most of the spaces still need lots of work but one storage area and the locker room are under control.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Learning through dance

Georgia, you always have so much enthusiasm for all that you do ... and dance is no exception. In this instance you are dancing in our dance studio with one of our fabulous hoop dresses on. As you moved to the music you expeimented with the ʻtwirlʻ of the dress. I noticed that you discovered that when you stopped your movements the dress would continue the flow of its movement around your body. This is called pyhsics .... the science of speed and direction (velocity). I watched as you danced on your own ... twirling and stopping, twirling and stopping. I also noticed that you were experimenting with the use of your arms. You discovered that if you swung your arms the dress would gather more speed. What a great moment of exploration. I wonder what else you discovered.