Saturday, October 31, 2009

In conjunction with national 'blind week'

We asked the morning children individually .... What is blind?

Ben said ... You can't see, then you're blind and you shouldn't drive a car.
Mia P said ... You can't see because you have blunt eyes. You couldn't see things.
Logan said ... It makes you dead to death. It kills us. When you get blind it kills us.
Nathan S said ... You go to the doctors so your eyes get better. if they don't get better they will get hurt.
Marshall said ... You go to the doctors cause you bleed. When you're blind you bleed.
Caden said ... You say 'stop it, I don't like that.'
Jacob H said ... Your blood comes out. If you're blind you can die cause it's so bad. It's your eyes.
Oliver S said ... It's when your eyes are closed. I wouldn't see anything if I was blind.
Jessica said ... You can't see because your eyes are always shut. You can't see anything.
Madison said ... You can't see because you are blind. it wouldn't be good because you can't see.
Alex said ... If I was blind it would hurt my eyes. I would miss my Mum and Dad if I was blind and couldn't see them.
Ricky said ... You can't see and you couldn't see where you were going.
Ryan L said ... It means if you're blind check check (holds his head to think). It means blistered hands, eh?
Elsa said ... You can't see. My Dad told me and he told me its dangerous.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The baby guinea pigs go to a new home

Benji, Archie and Georgia (Niki's children) are now the proud owners of two baby guinea pigs. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did.

Adding to our culture tree

Kaea, thank you for your contribution to our culture tree. It was an idea that I saw in France earlier this year, and I look forward to seeing the contributions that are added. I am going to put on something from Waihi, because that was where I was born and my grandfather used to work in the mines there. Did you know that that is also where Raelene and I purchased our fabulous log shelf by the door?

Making lemonade scones

Making music

The tree house comes to life

Sharing stories from home

Just loving the imagination and creativity

A special story from home

Baking individual scones

Making dough

I'm making a potion

Role playing Mums and Dads

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thinking of those impacted by the Tsunami

Conversations this term have naturally turned to the devastating tsunami in the South Pacific that devastated many villages. When we asked the children about the tsunami
Natasha said ... All their things got washed away cause of the flood and all the sea got up. The people got washed away. Their things got washed away too. we're going to pay them some money.
Logan said ... The Samoan people, they died and they were squashed. The earthquake caused the tsunami and it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. The waves came on Samoa and they got killed. we have to collect some money for them.
Ben said ... They got dead cause the rocks were starting to move and the waves got bigger and bigger and bigger and the toys got washed away.
Zak said ... The people didn't have a bed because the water came and flushed it away because there was a big flood - a tsunami. The rocks was underneath the water and made waves then they didn't have a house. It broke. The tsunami did it.
Jayden said ... There was a big flood because the earth made a big thing. the rocks shaked. Some people died. They will need some new stuff.
Mia I said ... All the toys and the houses and the tables floated away because of the water from all of the sea.
Madison said ... That it was at the beach. The big thing under the water and it made a big wave. Mia's grandad missed the tsunami because he was in Auckland.
Alex said ... it's a big storm where all the water comes into the beach and it makes waves that float away the peoples houses.
Gypsy said ... The people died cause the waves came.
Jemma said ... A big wave. The rocks went under.
Ruby said ... A big wave. Because the volcano erupted and all the houses and the beds were washed away so we send them some money.
Ryan L said ... There's a really big tsunami. The tsunami. The tsunami makes a big big wave then the wave comes all the way up to the beach. It washes houses away.
Chase said ... A big wave comes up because a volcano makes the waves get bigger. All the houses and beds get washed down.
Mason said ... The water shaked up and a big wave came and washed all the houses away and all the beds and all the tables and all the chairs and all the toys and some people died. It went right up to the ocean, right up the beach.
Elsa said ... It was a flood and you die and you get flushed away. The wave got bigger and bigger x 2 and then it stopped.
Calan said ... It got a giant wave. It just came.
Nathan P said ... It changes houses. They got lost in the water. It blows up under the water because there's an alarm in it and the alarm had a battery in it. When the wave came it killed everyone.
Mackenzee said ... It's a big wave and it turns into a flood and all the people gets washed away and then all their houses get washed away to another island.
Marshall said ... A flood. The water went in because a big flood came.

Mia and Josh shared that their great grandfather was Samoan. How smart you both look in your Samoan clothes.

Over the next few days we will joining the Auckland Kindergarten Association initiative by collecting coins on our 'caring hearts' to give to victims of the Tsunami.

Getting to know Helen

Today we were lucky to have Helen relieve at our kindergarten. From week four of this term Helen will be job sharing with Niki as Kathie once again heads off on her travels. Some of you may know Helen from her time at Howick Recreation Centre Creche. Bronwyn used to teacher Helen's children many years ago at Pakuranga kindergarten.

Yum, pancakes

The pancake cooking developed as a result of Stacey and Rand making pancakes at the dough table. They pressed and rolled until they had lots of pancakes to sell in their pancake shop. When they were ready to move on we had a look in our pantry and found some pancake mix. There was nothing for it but to make some pancakes for morning tea. It was decided that these pancakes .... because they were real, would sell for $8 each. After smelling them cooking, the children thought that was a bargain.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jump Jamming at Kindergarten

On my first day back Jayden heard the hamster dance music come on during the session and got very excited about it. "They have this song at my school!" he exclaimed with a massive smile on his face. "We do this one at Jump Jam." Mia told me that she also knew the actions from her school. Jayden asked if they could show the children how to do it at mat time - but the other children had to join in! Mat time rolled around and Jaden and Mia led the way. They worked together as an amazing teaching team as they led us in our Kindergarten Jump Jam. Jayden and Mia, you are both such great leaders, thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. We had a great time keeping our bodies fit and healthy. I also love the way that you both refer to Botany Downs Primary as your school already - I can see that you have a real ownership of the school and that you already know that you belong there. You are both going to be such amazing school children in a few weeks - you will have to show us what to do when we come over to join in with Jump Jam in the future!
Love Kerry