Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raffle winners

1st prize L Stewart ticket 958
2nd prize T Balle ticket 160
3rd prize G MacNair ticket 509
4th prize J de Kock ticket 207
5th prize A Pinfold ticket 780
6th prize B Twidle ticket 764

Thank you to Hills for the donation of a trampoline, the kindergarten community for the grocery hamper, Blue Phoenix manufacturing jewellers for the rings and Kidz at Work for the gift vouchers. Your support is appreciated.

Family Fun Night

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bathing Cooper

What a delight today when baby Cooper came in to kindergarten to have his bath. We very quickly discovered that our baby bath was too small, so we used a clam shell. What a splashing good time he had! Thank you for bringing him in Raelene.

If you thought that I was fat last week you should see me now!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Tower Pictures

We have experienced some difficulties uploading photos for the previous blog ... so here are some more.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Sky Tower Trip

It was an ambitious adventure, but hey, we have trust that our children able very capable ... so it was that we embarked on this magnificent journey. We walked to the end of our street. We caught the bus to the Panmure Train Station. We caught the train in to Auckland City. At Britomart we took time out for a toilet and morning tea break, then it was time to walk up Queen Street. We wondered if this was a bit ambitious, but we needn't have worried. The children walked so well. No complaints from the adults either! On the way the collectors for Surf Lifesaving New Zealand gave the children a sticker on their vests (but these were to prove a problem when they refused to come off the vests. It took 5 adults an hour to get them all off!). The highlight of the walk was stopping to see Santa on the Whitcouls building. He was SO enormous! Then it was up the hill with the Sky Tower in sight. At the last pedestrian crossing the skies opened and we got a smidgen wet ... and still there were no complaints. Check the children's comments to see what they thought of the morning. Check the art gallery on the website for some of the children's drawings.

Jacob H said: I liked playing that game where you look through and find things. You know, it's in that fat piece of the Sky Tower. I saw the helicopter stand and I saw a giant building near the Santa. I saw a truck down the bottom of the Sky Tower . And I liked at the Sky Tower on the glass walking bit. That glass was strong. It was really strong glass.
Milan said: I liked seeing the big Santa. he was standing on the presents. I liked eating my lunch at the Sky Tower ... squirt yoghurt.
Mackenzee said: I liked going up the elevators cause I liked to look down in them. I saw us going up and the string lifting us up. I liked the bears thing (The Christmas display at the Sky Tower). I liked to look down in the part that you look down that wasn't the elevator. I saw heaps of little cars.
Max said: I liked going up the lift and looking through the glass. I saw the hole down. I saw the darkness. I liked playing with my friends. I've been to that street heaps of times.
Logan said: I liked the mans jumping down because I have been there before. I liked the bus.
Josh said: I liked going on the train because it was taking a long time and I liked the bus because it wasn't aking a long time. I liked the Sky Tower and I liked going on the escalator.
Rocky said: I liked the Sky Tower to go in the train. I see the Sky Tower like that. I liked the Sky Tower to go up.
Ben said: I liked going on the bus. I liked holding the bar on the seat.
Liam said: I liked about going up the Sky Tower cause I think the Sky Tower is very big. I see some food in the Sky Tower downstairs. We go up two, like that. I liked the toys.
Elsa said: I saw a pool down from the Sky Tower with one person in the pool.
Ryan said: I liked eating lunch. i had sandwiches. That's all I liked.
Caden said: I liked the people sliding down on the black thing (bungy jumpers). I liked the Sky Tower because I liked looking down. I saw Santa on top of the tower. I liked going back to kindy. My Mum stayed at kindy and waited for me.
Marshall said: I liked going up the lift and down again. I liked walking round the Sky Tower. I liked walking across the road. I liked Santa on the building. He was ver bigger.
Alex said. I liked walking. My mouth didn't actually whinge about it. I just zipped it up, and it was alright. I liked seeing the swimming pool down below and I liked going up the elevator. I liked seeing the people jump down. Maybe when I'm much older I could do that. I liked going on the train and the bus and I also liked sitting at the train station.
Rand said: I liked some food - banana, some biscuits. I liked to eat.
Jemma said: I liked that jumping thing. The person was jumping. I'm not going to do that when I grow up because I'm going to live somewhere else far far away. I liked looking around.
Matthew said: I liked going up thee lift cause I was looking down ... with the ropes. The lady, she was swimming.
Joel said: The Sky Tower was big, big and bigger. I loved it. I liked the bus but the lights didn't go off, but it did on the train. My buddy was Josh. There was a game. You look and see if you can see things like Santa Claus. At the top there was a pointy thing at the top. From the train station in Auckland City. We saw the Sky Tower. The train was noisy when we hopped on it. We didn't go up the stairs (at Britomart). That was the way to Mum's work.
Sean said: I liked the train and the bus. I didn't like going up the Sky Tower. It was scary.
Natasha said: I liked going on the lift cause it takes us really high. I liked going on the train when we went in a dark tunnel. I could see the swimming pool from the Sky Tower.
Stacey said: I liked seeing Father Christmas. I liked the top of the Sky Tower.
Calan said: i liked to go up to the roof.
Gypsy said: I liked seeing it. I liked looking down the big window. It was a very scary window. I saw Santa and the reindeer and I saw the pool. One man was swimming in it.
Keegan said: I liked the lift and looking down at the glass floor. I saw us going higher and higher and higher. I liked the Sky Tower.
Jasmine said: I liked having lunch at the Sky Tower. I had some chips, some sandwiches and some raisins. I liked seeing the cars cause they looked like toy cars.
Annaliese said: I liked it when we went in the tunnel and it was dark. It was so dark in the tunnel. I liked it when I went on the glass at the Sky Tower. I saw there were people and cars. They were tiny, tiny tiny.
Mia said: I liked taking photos at The Sky Tower cause my Poppa got me a new camera. I liked seeing the Christmas tree.
Oliver said: I liked the bus. Actually, I liked going up the lift and looking down. The looking down part was great. I saw some string. I liked going on the train. I liked the giant Santa.
Cody said: I liked going to it. We went right up to the top. I saw a lady jumping. I liked the water.
Kaea said: I liked going up in the elevator. I liked the train. I liked going fast in it because it was really fast. I liked the lady doing the bungy jump and I liked going on the bus. I liked being up high. I liked being on the walking school bus. I liked going back to kindergarten.
Nathan S said: I liked looking out the window. At the top of the building there was a swimming pool. I saw toys and stuff.
Caitlin said: I liked having fun. I liked looking outside the window. I saw all of the places and the cars. They look small from up there.
Madison said: I liked going through the Christmas castle at the Sky Tower. I liked walking down from the top.
Gryffyn said: I liked going up in the lift. It was really high. I liked going with the adult. I liked going with Jacob's Mum. I liked eating my lunch ... honey sandwiches.
Lily said: I Liked the glass floor and the bungy jump.
Nathan P said: I liked looking down the window. I saw Daddy's old work. I saw a blue crane. I saw the rope for jumping down. I liked going up the lift.
Az said: I liked the bungy because I hadn't seen it. I liked it when we went up the elevator. I liked it when you could see from the side of it. I liked just walking aound it. I liked it when we were walking in. I saw the Christmas tree when I came up from the elevator.
Zac said: I liked looking in the telescope. I saw a cow and a duck outside on the bus and I saw a humungous Santa. I liked the computer thing as well. You can move it with your hands.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now here is a grandmother story to top all others

Ruby's grandmother lives in England and often posts comments on our blog. Little did we know that she doesn't have a computer at home and each week she takes a trip to her local library to look at the blog and post comments. We are so glad that we have finally got to meet her and that she can see what all the blogging is about first hand.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you Room 9 Shelly Park School

This week we were delighted to be contacted by Shelly Park School. They wanted to donate us a Nursery Rhyme book that the children in Room 9 had made. The children were captivated as each rhyme was read. They were happy to listen to them over and over again. What a great kindergarten resource this will. Thank you.

We love grandmothers

Nathan spent the morning with his grandmother, and arrived at kindergarten wearing this fabulous Christmas tie. We love it Nathan.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

What excitement there was when the Christmas tree was put together and placed by the piano. In no time at all the decorations were out of the box and onto the tree. By the end of the session not a single decoration was left in the box.

Oliver's Christmas story

Mackenzee's Christmas story

Gypsy's Christmas Story

Gryffyn's Christmas story

Elsa's Christmas story

Az's Christmas Story

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm getting fatter everyday

Can you see the size of my tummy. The children are not cuddling me now because I am due to have my babies. How excitng will that be!

Another preparation for our visit to the Sky Tower

On this walk we wore the vests we have borrowed from Mangere Bridge Kindergarten and the adults wore the walking school bus vests .... and we went for a very long walk/ What great walkers we are now!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fabulous Fathers' Night

Max's story writing

This is another fabulous story by Max. Thank you for publishing it with Kerry and sharing it with the class. We always enjoy your fabulous imagination. You cannot imagine our delight when you arrived at kindergarten after the weekend with a new book in hand, "Powerman saves Kerry and Botany Downs Kindergarten." The story was complete with photographs, with your brother and your Dad playing leading roles. Max, how lucky that your parents recognise and celebrate your literacy skills. And even better, we get to share more of your published works.