Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking time to remember Logan

Having decided to create street art for Logan again we headed off down the new walkway path with buckets of chalk in hand. The children drew their best pictures for Logan the we released bubbles for Logan. bejamin had arrived at kindergarten with his bubble machine so we 'could send bubbles up to Logan and his Nana'. A brilliant thought. After drawing and catching bubbles we stood for our Logan chant - tahi, rua, toru, wha, LOGAN.

It has been one (long) year since we said goodbye to Logan

It has been a year today since our wonderful Logan left us so suddenly. What a long year it has been! So much saddness. Our hearts in so much pain. Fortunately it is impossible to think about or talk about Logan for long without laughing. In the past year you have taken us to the depths of pain and to places we never knew existed, but you continued to inspire us. We know you would have been proud of your Mum and team Logan for completing the Auckland (half) marathon. What an achievement! With this plaque and your very special rock we will continue to keep you in our thoughts and be inspired by you.

The Botany Downs Kindergarten Pirates

Benjamin, Fionn, Sam, Jack and Reagan

Fionn gets "Dizzy"

Fionn gets to have a try in our new "Dizzy" ... part of our perceptual motor programme based on the work of Gill Connell.

Nathan and Oliver find the beat in the gathering drum

Amelie toasts her marshmallow

Matthew takes on a bit of crayon melting

Nisha's frozen flowers

Nisha, thank you for bringing in the frozen flowers. They were so beautifully encased in the ice ... but with our warm weather at the moment it wasn't long before the ice began to melt. There was much debate about whether the flowers might grow. We kept watching and touching as they melted ... and given the sad state of the flowers in the end, the children decided that they might not grow!

Amelia and Hannah put the digital microscope to use

Danielle and Poppy get to work

Climbing the ladders to build the house is a really powerful experience - a little risk taking, a bit of organisation and a bit of coordination. All in a dayy's work for a builder.

Busy bakers ... Hayley, Kaide, Hannah and Kylah

Bree ... concentration at the Mimio

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Painted taost

Take one slice of bread
Paint it with a little milk with some added food colouring

Such excitement

There was much excitement when the children spied the water canal. Some of them couldn't even get past it to put their bags away. It is a while since we have used this, so some of the new children would not have seen it. Needless to say it has become quite a popular fixture at this point in time.

Watching all the action

What excitement there was when the workmen started breaking up the walkway next door to kindergarten. The children couldn't believe their eyes when great chunks of concrete kept coming out. It certainly made walking up the walkway with a pushchair a bit tricky! There was much speculation about what might be going to happen. A couple odf days later that mystery was solved. The workmen were back again. This time they had a concrete truck with them. For a couple of hours the conctere was poured and wheeled into place. The children knew that concrete was a mix of stones and cememnt ... but the ingredient they forgot to mention was the water. That is a very important ingredient. The children were fascinated that the men were walking in the conctrete in their gumboots. At the end of session we were the 'concrete police' ensuring noone stood on the new path. We almost succeeded! The next day we just had to take a little excursion down the path to see what it looked and felt like. Some children said the new bit felt softer. We do know that the path looks great and there are so many fewer tripping surfaces. a fabulous experience

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our thoughts are with the Beavis family

Our thoughts and hearts are with the Beavis family following the tragic loss of their daughter, and Jack's little sister, Molly. No words can express the sadness we feel. We want you to know how deeply we care.
Love to you
The community of Botany Downs Kindergarten

Giving out 'red pockets' for Chinese New Year

Preparing noddles and dumplings for Chinese New Year

Emma, Esther and Nisha Dress for Chinese New Year