Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bike-a-thon 2010

What a great day!

A school library visit

As part of our 'transition to school' programme we visit the library at Botany Downs School. It is an opportunity to learn the 'library rules' and to read some of the school books. Thanks to Botany Downs School and thanks to the parents who helped.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

School assembly

On Friday the morning children walked to Botany Downs School to attend assembly. This is part of our 'transition to school' programme. Continuing our connection to Botany Downs school is important to us ... and the experience of attending assembly can be transferred to whichever school you are going to. Thank you to Botany Downs School, we really appreciate your hospitality. On Tuesday we will be having some library time at the school.

The teachers at Botany Downs Kindergarten would like to say a special thanks to the teachers at Botany Downs School for providing lunch for us on Friday. They knew that we were so devastated by Logan's sudden death and wanted to do something to show their support. We really appreciate the thoughts and kindness. Thank you to Elizabeth and Sandra for delivering the lunch to us. We were very spoilt. Thank you.

What's in the box? Chocolates?

We were wondering what was in Lauren's chocolate box, but believe me we would never have guessed that there were three baby bunnies inside. Lauren's bunny had had babies. They had just opened their eyes. Thank you for bringing them to visit Lauren.

The adventures of a hedgehog

Karlie brings her kitten to visit

We have been hearing about Karlie's kitten while Karlie was with us on teaching practice ... now we get to met it. Thanks Karlie.

Cooper sits on the mat all by himself!

How clever am I?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coke goes to visit Mangere Bridge Kindergarten again

Biscuit's sweetheart Coke has been seconded to Mangere Bridge Kindergarten again to keep Biscuit company for a couple of weeks. We will miss our very placid Coke, but we know he makes very cool babies.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The flying cat

We have been discussing just how we move on with the blog given the depth of our grief and our love of Logan. There has been such a feeling of support in the tributes to Logan on the blog. We thank you for that. We can only move on knowing that Logan never wanted to miss out on ANYTHING that was happening at Botany Downs Kindergarten ... so our first story is one that we know Logan would be amused by ...

Last week Kathie and Kerry were setting up the kindergarten before session when there was a ruckas. The cat from next door (who likes to spend time on the kindergarten roof) fell through the open skylight into the paper recycling bin! Scared out of its wits, it began a terrified race around the kindergarten looking for an exit. We haven't seen it on the roof since. How long is a cat's memory we wonder?

Thanks to Karlie and Toni