Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wacky Wednesday ... on Thursday!


  1. Your "Wacky Wednesday on Thursday" looked like heaps of fun, I loved the bike as a swing and it looks like the children enjoyed it. I do really miss doing these things :) from Karen (Her who used to be in the BDK
    office) xx

  2. Did you carry that dead fly around with you all day Mr Croc Evan

  3. When I picked Ayah up,
    'What's wacky today in kindie?' I asked.

    'The bike's inside. Christie wear red and green shoes. Tanya has blue eyes and green eyes.' Ayah said.

    'Who else is wacky?'
    'Franklin's wacky. He's wearing a hat in his tummy, he's wearing a hat on his feet.'